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Cease and Desist Letters

Whether you received one in the mail or would like to send one to a competitor, we can help. We charge a flat fee of $500 to send your first cease and desist letter on our firm letterhead. Any additional cease and desist letters are $300 each. Every cease-and-desist letter is sent via certified mail with a return receipt. For further assistance, click here to schedule a phone call with an attorney to discuss your matter further.


Trademark Opposition

If you are concerned about a Federal Trademark that has cleared examination at the USPTO and is currently being published in the Trademark Official Gazette, you have a right to formally oppose the trademark application. We have the expertise and proven  success in utilizing the opposition process to our client’s advantage as oftentimes the mere filing of opposition will bring the parties to the table so that a settlement can be reached. 
Alternatively, if another party is attempting to challenge your trademark application and has threatened to file (or has already filed) an opposition proceeding, we can represent you in the defense of your trademark name.
For further assistance, click here to schedule a phone call with an attorney to discuss your matter further.


Trademark Maintenance

It’s an annoying necessity to file certain maintenance documents periodically to show the Trademark Office that you are still using your trademark. The first maintenance filing is due between the 5th and 6th year after the registration of your trademark. The second maintenance filing is due between the 10th and 11th year after registration, and additional maintenance filings are due every 10 years thereafter. We charge a low flat fee of $150 (to current clients) and $200 (to non-clients) for filing maintenance documents + USPTO filing fees. For further assistance, send an email to with your trademark information and you will receive a response promptly with a free quote.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection

To further protect your U.S. Federal Trademark from counterfeits and product pirates, we suggest having our office record your registered trademark with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (or CBP) provides trademark owners with the powerful ability to stop infringing ‘articles’ from entering the United States by employing a security net to help prevent and deter the admission of counterfeits and copycats. Recording your trademark with CBP is good for 20 years. We charge a flat fee of $300 + gov’t filing fees of $190 per international class. If you wish to proceed with this service, click here.


Website Domain Acquisition and Defense

If you have the U.S. registered trademark and someone else owns the rights to the DOT COM domain name that matches your trademark, we may be able to help. Under the UDRP, there is a recourse to trademark holders to ascertain the rights to a domain name that someone else has registered if they are using the domain name in bad faith or if their use is creating confusion for your customers. If this is happening to you, or if someone else is threatening you about your domain name, click here to schedule a phone call with an attorney to discuss your matter further. 


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